An Example of an Eclectic, Academic Homeschool Curriculum

Some of you have asked what a typical homeschool curriculum looks like and how much is spent. We try to do as much learning out in the world as possible as well as through living books. Here is what we did for my 9, 8 and 5-year-olds last year. I think about $508 was spent total for all 3 of them averaging about $170/kid for the year.

*Horizons Math workbooks 1 and 2 for $22.45 each
Horizons Math Teacher Manual for $45
*We supplement with Singapore Math workbooks
Singapore Math a and b workbooks $13.20/each
Singapore Math Home Instructor Guides for a and b $17.49 each
*We supplement with IXL–2 memberships at $79/each
*We supplement with XtraMath and cycle through it about every 3 months to stay sharp with math facts

First Language Lessons 4 workbooks at $12.95 each…
First Language Lessons 4 Teacher Manual at $19.50…

Spelling is an interactive free spelling website

Writing composition
I have not found a curriculum I have loved so have done my own thing. The link below will take you to another blog post about writing ideas without using a curriculum. Instead, you can tailor it to passions and experiences. If they write for their peers on a site like MeWe or a blog, they may find it more enjoyable than just writing for their teacher or parent.

Writing Ideas

D’Nealian Handwriting at $10.95 each

Apologia Anatomy and Physiology text @$25.25…
Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal at $17.50 each
Also, we get many science books from the library to cover a wide variety of topics and greater understanding of the world.

Literature and History
We do all literature and history for free with living books from the library. Reading is a huge cornerstone of our curriculum and we are a family of ravenous readers. Reading aloud during snack and meal times is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.

Learning to Read (for my 5 year old)
Explode the Code 2 and 3 at $6.95 each…

Would anyone else like to share their curriculum? What do you absolutely love? Let others benefit from your experience.