Homeschoolers Make High Profile Entries into Top Universities

Increasingly, we are seeing headlines in the news about homeschoolers attending Ivy League schools and other top-tier universities.

For instance, this summer news broke of Cornell’s youngest ever freshman who is just 12-years old. He was homeschooled his entire academic career by his mom, an engineer, who quit her job to educate him.

File:Cornell U logo round 01.jpg

In India, a homeschooled girl’s entry into MIT  has sparked great interest in homeschooling among education circles in the South Asian giant. These are just a couple of this fall’s freshmen class of homeschoolers studying at Ivy League and other top-tier universities .

Maybe one of my homeschooled kids will be a future student at MIT. We enjoyed visiting the campus and, especially, the MIT Museum on our visit to Cambridge this summer.

The September 2015 cover of Boston Magazine displays a smiling young woman sporting a Harvard University sweatshirt with the caption, “Homeschool got me into Harvard” in front of her. The article opens with:

“More and more of Boston’s smartest families are opting out of the education system to homeschool their children. Is this the new model for creating elite kids?”

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In a Tech Insider article , Dr. Susan Berry states, “The high achievement level of homeschoolers is readily recognized by recruiters from some of the best colleges in the nation. Schools such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Stanford, and Duke University all actively recruit homeschoolers.”

Eliot House at Harvard University

Outstanding grades and test scores alone will not make someone stand out applying to top-tier universities. A September 2016 Business Insider article authored by a Harvard and MIT graduate outlines 7 tips for college applications. Passion, drive, and accomplishments are hooks that will get an application noticed. Homeschoolers are poised to shine in this area with such flexible schedules and the ability to complete academic work more efficiently.

What story will your homeschooler tell?

Your homeschooler is in a unique position to have a very interesting story to share on their college application. What story will your homeschooler tell?

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