New Literature-Based Science Curriculum: Earth Party!

New Literature-Based Science Curriculum: Earth Party!

I am delighted to review a literature-based science curriculum that introduces elementary school students to life on the planet starting with single-celled organisms and expanding through the animal kingdom.B088GDFC16

Earth Party! An Early Introduction to the Linnaean System of Classification of Living Things Unit Study from Carrier Shell Curriculum uses story and visual references to enhance your child’s understanding.

Here is an overview:

It is multi-sensory:

  • Students are invited to observe first-hand life forms obtained from materials around the house
  • Video resources are listed for students to better see life move
  • Fun, whole-body lab activities are geared for kinesthetic and olfactory learners
  • Students that like to write will enjoy the Student Book1580896065

It is easy to use:

  • Answer keys make grading and discussions easy
  • Activities are geared for different learning styles and noted
  • Suggestions are made for further study including websites, movies, articles and additional books

I love how this approach teaches advanced content in an age-appropriate way.

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