I am a proud homeschool mama from Southern California. While we never even imagined this path for our family, my son’s extremely advanced reading abilities in public kindergarten caused us to pull him out of public school. Our original plan was to homeschool until the gifted and talented program started in 3rd grade. To our surprise, however, we have journeyed into a world where we could provide our kids a customized and well-rounded academic education while still having plenty of time for experiential learning, living books and lots of quality family time.


school at disneyland
We took part in a weekly class at Disneyland with some family friends.


This past year, we took part in a class at Disneyland each week. We were inspired by the creativity and innovation of Walt Disney. History, technology, physics, economics, entrepreneurship, literature were just a few of the topics brought to life in this magical setting by our teacher.

We also were part of a weekly program where the kids learned to sail, kayak and paddleboard  in Newport Beach. The first half of the morning the students engaged in project-based learning. In the afternoon, they participated in water sports. Even the parents participated in all the fun!

sport and mom
We looked forward to outdoor learning at the marina each week!


We are part of a weekly co-op where parents use their talents and passions to teach. We made our best homeschool friends at the co-op, and it helped give my kids a great community  of peers to do life with. I have taught several different Lego classes incorporating 21st-century skills. Other classes they have taken include physics, art, violin, NASA engineering, anatomy, cooking, Spanish, civil engineering, astronomy, choir, and many more. The co-op is full of hands-on learning and wonderful fellowship!

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Thank you for sharing in the journey with us! I’d love to hear how you blend solid academics with ample experiential learning and living books into your children’s education!

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