This messy homeschool house is what I came home to this afternoon.  Just off an all-day field trip yesterday and a full day at co-op today, my house will not win any Good Housekeeping awards. Honestly, this is more the norm for my house than an anomaly.

To be frank, a neat house is not my strength or priority. We love to spend our time out experiencing the world and exploring with friends! I cherish the time I read aloud to my kids. I’d much rather be doing those things than fussing over a meticulous house.

This is my trade-off for a neat house. Here are priceless memories from yesterday at an apple farm in the mountains where we learned about life in the late 1800’s as well as pressed apples and made cider with some of our dearest friends.

The mamas also have a wonderful time together on our field trips! I’m sure we enjoy our adventures every bit as much as our kids.

How did I end up with the funny farm hat?

We were beat when we drove back from the mountains, and picking up the house was not at the top of our list when we got home. Early this morning, the kids pounded out some math and writing and chowed down some breakfast before heading to a fruitful day of co-op. Our homeschool community of friends, who are part of our co-op, are one of the most important parts of our joyful homeschool life and journey.

The kids and I do what we can to get through our academic work and blaze through our household chores. We are so active during the week that much of family  clean up takes place over the weekend. With a finite amount of time and so much freedom in homeschooling to learn and have fun in different ways and environments, fretting over a fastidious house doesn’t seem the right choice to me.

I am certain I will never look back and wish I had spent more time tidying up my house. No, I will continue to be thankful for the many wonderful experiences we have spending time together and learning out in the world as a family and with friends! These are the days I will always treasure!

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3 thoughts on “Why I’m Thankful for My Messy Homeschool House

  1. This sounds so good. Home schooling is not allowed in my country though. We have good reasons for that but sometimes I feel it’s a shame.


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