You Are Doing It Right, Mama!

Homeschooling: When your house is a mess with piles of books, art supplies and all kinds of fun and educational items strewn about, then you know you are doing it right. When you don’t have that immaculate house because you are spending time reading aloud to your kids, engaging in conversation, meeting with family friends and exploring the world then you know you are doing it right.

sport clarinet pics and messy house 020

Take a look at my house this morning. This is very typical for us! Don’t fret, mamas, over your house. What you are doing with them is far more important! (Maybe some of you are disappointed in me that my kids did not clean this up before going to bed. :)).

And keep in mind the “Hygiene Hypothesis”: The “Hygiene Hypothesis” is a theory that suggests a young child’s environment can be “too clean” to effectively stimulate or challenge the child’s immune system to respond to various threats during the time a child’s immune system is maturing.

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