Make Writing Fun and Meaningful

Are you looking to have more fun with your writing? Do you have a reluctant writer? There are so many enjoyable ways to encourage writing. Each of our kids is an expert in something as s/he spends many hours engaging in that activity.

+Hobbies/talents–how-to, product reviews, opinion, biography and pro-con
+Movie reviews
+Restaurant reviews
+Field trips–homeschoolers have such interesting experiences
+Wikipedia entry
+Book reviews
+Product reviews of their favorite toys/games
+Take a survey and follow up with a post that goes over the results, including graphs, charts, and analysis. You can use GoogleForms to email out the questionnaire.
+Create frequently asked questions about something s/he is passionate about

Elayna Emma Isabella Kate

I created a Lego Writing Club at our homeschool co-op.

Many students feel it is more meaningful to write when they are writing for more than just their parents or teacher. You may consider a blog for your student or a shared, private site with a group of friends on something like MeWe.

I taught a co-op class where the kids built Legos with a partner and then went home and wrote about the tale they created. Each young writer posted their story on MeWe where I also posted pictures of their Lego builds. My kids loved seeing the stories posted from each of their friends each week and also enjoyed others reading their stories. Encouraging comments were encouraged. Here is a link to learn more about how to do Lego Writing Club with your friends, family or co-op.

How to Teach Lego Writing Club

Here are some books I have used to create a fun atmosphere for writing:


Write Outside The Lines: A Creativity Catapult by [Nocquet, Cathy Altman]

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